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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Sam Ajemian Blog News
One suggestion: In your e-mail, you wrote: “The Children of God Cult, aka The Family” is not THE book on the COG/Family. That book has not yet been written and maybe never will. I will humbly assert that at this point in time (2005), my book is the closest thing to it.” I think I understand what you were trying to say in the above. You meant that no 300 page book could detail all aspects of this cult. But I think this paragraph could confuse potential buyers of your book and so it would be best to remove it from future e-mails.

Sam: Thank you for your suggestion but I was not talking about the number of pages. Here is something from my book on this. “One of the reasons more has not been done by the older ex-members is because many of them, including some of the major players, have done things themselves. They have gone in so deep that they are afraid that in incriminating the Family they will also incriminate themselves. This colors everything; it is the predominant limiting factor. For the same reason, much better books that could have been written from top people who have left the group have not been written.”

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